Bro. Buck became the pastor of Tiny Town Baptist Church in May 2014.  He is a December 2014 graduate of Union University with a Master's Degree in Christian Studies.  He serves on the Evangelistic Committee with the Logan-Todd Association. 

Originally from Dothan, Alabama, Bro. Buck and his wife, Tonya, now live in Clarksville, Tennessee.  They have 2 children, Amanda and Jeremy, and 2 grandchildren.  Bro. Buck may be reached at (334)-805-3817.


Youth Pastor

​Jerry Veach came to Tiny Town Baptist as the Youth Pastor in July of 2016. He graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies in December of 2017. 

Jerry lives with his wife and three children (aged 13, 11, & 10) in Clarksville, Tennessee.


Music Director

Ron became music director of our church in February 2018.  Ron has a love of music and is working hard to lead our adult choir and the congregation in making joyful sounds for the Lord.

Ron is very active in our church, serving on the building committee, and fills many other roles where he is needed.  He and his wife, Candy, live in Clarksville, Tennessee. 

Tiny Town Baptist Church

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